record 16 STA

The modular one

A sliding door system 16 record's state-of-the-art electronic control system. Drive and profile and systems are modular, making the 16 STA adaptable to any requirements

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16770 AN0109_E 16_18
Manual STA16 UL B

record 16 TSA

The welcoming one

With its four movable door leaves, this automatic telescopic sliding door opens 30% wider than regular sliding doors.

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record 16 FIRST

The safe one

Ideal for escape and rescue routes, this sliding door continues to operate reliably even after a power cut or control system failure.

record 16 TOS

The versatile one

For escape and rescue routes (pedestrian traffic), and movement of bulky objects (goods and vehicles).


record 16 BST

The elegant one

This round or semicircular door lends any entrance a well-proportioned, elegant character.

record 16 PST

The special one

This angular sliding door has strikingly beautiful lines and features system 16, record's state-of-the-art electronic control system. Doors can be at right angles, or a obtuse angle.


record 17 STA

The standard one

This sliding door meets all the usual requirements, delivering optimal performance at a very affordable price.

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16512 BA9804_E

record 18 NTA

The invisible one

Fits perfectly in tight spaces, for example between pillars or girders.


record 125 DFA

The swinging one

An automatic revolving door with a compact drive unit, this model is also approved as fixed point fire protection.

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16858_E_G0401 _2

record 16 KTA

The revolving one

This rotating door reduces drafts, ensuring optimum temperatures inside buildings. Available in a wide variety of widths and versions, also with swivelling door leaves.


record 16 FTA
record 16 FBO

The compact ones

Indoors or out, this folding door is ideal when space is tight. For escape and rescue routes, we recommend record's 16 FBO sliding door.

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record 16 DTA

The sealed one

For air-tight seals in operating theatres, clean-rooms, and cold-storage facilites.


xplorer XSL-200

The Smart one

The pedestrian sliding door operator XSL-200 has been constructed in
accordance with the latest state of the art and the recognised technical safety regulations, including limiting of forces and speeds.

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Manual 130_000_011 E